Vizio M55-D0 vs E55u-D2 Review : Similarities & Differences of Vizio’s Affordable 55-Inch 4K UHD TV

If you are looking for affordable 55-Inch 4K UHD TV, I’m sure that M55-D0 and E55u-D2 from Vizio’s 2016 TV lineup are two models that you consider. Vizio’s 2016 M and E model are able to deliver excellent 4K picture quality although They are priced at affordable price. The question is which of them should be your choice? Before We answer that question, the first thing that We need to know is the similarities and differences of those two TVs. So let’s discuss the similarities & differences of Vizio M55-D0and E55u-D2 first then see which of them is the one that you should choose.

What are the Similarities of M55-D0 and E55u-D2?

Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2 come with almost similar technology, so there are a number of similarities between them. Their similarities can be summarized with this table.

Vizio M55-D0 Vizio E55u-D2
Introduced 2016 2016
Screen Size 55-inch 55-inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight Full-Array LED Full-Array LED
Spatial Upscaling Engine YES YES
Local Dimming YES YES
Smart TV Vizio SmartCast Vizio SmartCast
Processor V8 Octa-Core V8 Octa-Core
3D Feature NO NO
Built-in Wi-fi 802.11ac 802.11ac
HDMI/USB 4/2 4/2
Vizio M55-D0

Vizio M55-D0

After seeing the table above, let’s talk more about similarities ofM55-D0 and E55u-D2.

1. 4K UHD Resolution with Spatial Scaling Engine

The first similarities of Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2 is their resolution. Both of Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2 come with 4K UHD resolution. 4K UHD resolution is able to deliver up to four times more brilliant picture than conventional 1080p Full HD resolution. The problem with 4K UHD resolution is limited original 4K content sources. But it’s no longer a problem since both of Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2 are installed with spatial scaling engine that deliver near 4K picture quality from non 4K content sources.

2. Full-Array LED Backlight with Active LED Zones

The picture technology of M55-D0 and E55u-D2 are basically similar using Full-Array LED backlight that combined with Active LED Zones, although the number of Active LED Zones that installed on their panel are different. Full-Array LED backlight is able to deliver superior light uniformity across the LED screen, while Active LED Zones is able to deliver better contrast level and sharper details.

3. Vizio SmartCast Smart TV Platform with Octa-Core Processor

Vizio introduced the new Smart TV approach in their 2016 lineup. The new 2016 TV lineup come with Vizio SmartCast that use Google Cast approach. Basically the Smart TV platform is controllable with tablet or smartphone and showed on your TV screen. So you can simply run more Smart Apps on your TV screen, while enjoy your favorite entertainment anytime you want it. Both of those two TVs also come with Octa-Core processor that help you run heavier apps and multi-tasking process without minimum lag.

4. 802.11ac

Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2 comes with the new wireless technology, 802.11ac. 802.11ac is the improvement from the previous 802.11n wireless. 802.11ac wireless is able to deliver up to three times faster internet connection than 802.11n wireless, so that you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming from your favorite content providers.


What are the Difference of M55-D0 and E55u-D2?

Besides the similarities that We have talked above, there are also differences between Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2. Their differences can be seen on the table below.

Vizio M55-D0 Vizio M55-D0
Active LED Zones 64 10
Refresh Rate Clear Action 360 Clear Action 240
Included Remote Tablet Remote Standard Remote
Speaker System 2Ch 30W 2Ch 20W
Price +/- $250 Higher

Check Today’s Offer

+/- $250 Lower

Check Best Price

Vizio E55u-D2

Vizio E55u-D2

From the table above, We can find few differences of Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2. Let’s discuss more about those differences.

1. Number of Active LED Zones

As We have talked before, Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2 come with Full-Array LED Backlight that completed with Active LED Zones. But the number of Active LED Zones installed across their LED screen are different. Vizio M55-D0 comes with 64 Active LED Zones, while Vizio E55u-D2 only comes with 10 Active LED Zones. With more Active LED Zones, you can find that Vizio M55-D0 is able to deliver more vibrant contrast with their 64 Active LED Zones than what Vizio E55u-D2 can do with 10 Active LED Zones.

2. Vizio HDR

HDR technology become more popular in 2016. Vizio comes with Vizio HDR that support Dolby Vision in their 2016 lineup. Vizio M55-D0 is completed with Vizio HDR technology, while Vizio E55u-D2 doesn’t come with any Vizio HDR. With Vizio HDR that support Dolby Vision, you can enjoy enhanced brightness and details from your High Dynamic Range (HDR) contents. Additionally, you can enjoy the contents just like what intended by the filmmakers as Dolby Vision is used by major studios.

3. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate technology of Vizio M55-D0 is different with refresh rate of Vizio E55u-D2 although their based effective refresh rate are similar (120Hz effective refresh rate). Vizio M55-D0 comes with Clear Action 360, while Vizio E55u-D2 comes with Clear Action 240. Clear Action 360 is able to deliver smoother fast motion images when you are watching your favorite action movies and sports than Clear Action 240, although the different won’t be that significant.

4. Remote Control

The included remote of Vizio M55-D0 is 6-Inch Android Tablet Remote, while Vizio E55u-D2 only comes with standard remote. To control the TV’s Vizio SmartCast, We need tablet or smartphone. With included tablet remote, you don’t need additional tablet of smartphone to install the SmartCast Apps. While Vizio E55u-D2 that comes with only standard remote, need you to install additional SmartCast Apps on your Smartphone or tablet.

5. Speaker System

The speaker system of Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2 are basically similar with 2Ch speaker system. But the output power of those two TVs are different. Vizio M55-D0 comes with 30W power output, while Vizio E55u-D2 comes with 20W power output. With 30W power output, you can get a little more powerful sound output in Vizio M55-D0 than what you can get with Vizio E55u-D2 that comes with 20W power output.

6. Price

Vizio M-series is always be the higher model than Vizio E-series. That’s the same case of Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2. M55-D0 is offered at around $250 higher price than Vizio E55u-D2. Although We will find that sometime that price difference varies from month to month, but in general Vizio M55-D0 that comes as part of M-series is commonly priced higher than Vizio E55u-D2 as part of E-series.

Which of Them Should be Your Choice?

We have talked about similarities and differences of Vizio M55-D0 and E55u-D2. We can easily say that Vizio M55-D2 is the better model that for sure offered at the higher price. Vizio M55-D0 comes with better picture technology as It comes with more Active LED Zones, Vizio HDR and higher Clear Action. It also comes with the tablet remote and slightly more powerful sound output. If you can afford to spend more for better picture and the tablet remote control, then Vizio M55-D0 is the one that you should consider. How the customers’ feedback about Vizio M55-D0? Most of Vizio M55-D0 customers are satisfied with their purchase. You can read more about what Vizio M55-D0 customers said about their new TV here…

But if your budget is more limited, you can consider Vizio E55u-D2 that more affordable. The technology of Vizio E55u-D2 is almost identical with Vizio M55-D0 with less Active LED Zones and Vizio HDR. But in general It still can deliver good 4K picture quality while you should use your own smartphone or tablet to control this TV. You can also attach your soundbar to improve the sound output of this TV. You don’t have to worry about choosing this TV as the customers are satisfied with their new Vizio E55u-D2. You can find out more what the customers said about their Vizio E55u-D2 on this page…

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