Vizio M50-C1 vs P502ui-B1E Comparison : Are There Any Significant Differences?

If you hear 50-Inch Smart TV with 4K UHD resolution, I’m quite sure that you think about M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E model if you are one of the Vizio fans. Vizio M50-C1 is currently the only 50-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV that introduced by Vizio in their 2015 lineup, while Vizio P502ui-B1E came as part of Vizio P-Series from 2014 as the first model of 4K UHD TV of Vizio. Vizio M50-C1 can be considered as the replacement model of Vizio P502ui-B1E as well as Vizio M502i-B1. It’s replacing Vizio P502ui-B1E as it’s the newer 4K UHD TV while It’s replacing Vizio M502i-B1 as the newer M model. As the newer Smart 4K UHD TV of Vizio P502ui-B1E, is there any significant differences of Vizio M50-C1? This article will help that question, while firstly talk about the similarities of those two TVs.

Similarities of M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E

Vizio M50-C1

Vizio M50-C1

There are few aspects of the new Vizio M50-C1 that similar to its older Vizio P502ui-B1E. What are their similarities? Let’s discuss that.

1. Picture Resolution

Vizio M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E come with the new 4K UHD resolution. 4K UHD resolution is introduced to offer up to four times more brilliant picture quality than previous Full HD resolution. I’m quite sure that you as asking about the limited 4K contents available. Don’t worry about that since both of M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E come with Spatial Scaling Engine that works to bring HD contents into near 4K picture quality.

2. Picture Technology

Vizio M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E use their standard technology on picture quality. For the backlight, as mostly Vizio Models, those two models are completed with Full-Array LED. Full-Array LED Backlight is able to bring better light uniformity. It’s also completed with Active LED Zones that bring higher contrast as well as deeper black levels on the dark part of the TV screen.

3. Smart TV Platform

Both of the new Vizio M50-C1 and the older Vizio P502ui-B1E come with the same Smart TV Platform, Vizio Internet Apps Plus. Vizio Internet Apps Plus is indeed basic Smart TV platform. It’s simpler if you compared it with the new Samsung Tizen OS or LG WebOS 2.0. But It simply can deliver the premium entertainment as you need it. You can enjoy your favorite movies and TV programs from your favorite content providers without any problem. Additionally Vizio complete the Vizio Internet Apps Plus with supporting technology, the Six Core Processor and 802.11ac Dual Band wireless. With Six Core Processor (consist of Quad-core GPU + Dual-core CPU), you can enjoy fast processing time when you run multiple process at the same time or run heavy process on your TV. The processor also help you to get fast response time when you control your TV. While the 802.11ac Dual Band Wireless is the faster wireless technology that help you to get fast internet connection to support the streaming of 4K contents. They also both come with Qwerty Remote that help you to control the TV and search for the contents that you want faster.

4. Speaker System

Vizio M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E come with basic 2Ch 20W speaker system. Although It’s basic, It doesn’t mean that they can’t deliver good sound quality. They are able to bring good sound quality. As sound are relative to each people’s ears, then some people demand better sound quality. For the higher Audio demand, Soundbar and additional speaker system is able to be attached on both of those two TVs so that They can enjoy more powerful immersive sound quality.

We can summarize the similarity of Vizio M50-C1 and Vizio P502ui-B1E with the table below:

Vizio M50-C1 Vizio P502ui-B1E
Screen Size 50-inch 50-inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight Full-Array LED Full-Array LED
Upscaling Technology Spatial Scaling Engine Spatial Scaling Engine
Contrast Technology Active LED Zones Active LED Zones
Smart Platform Vizio Internet Apps Plus Vizio Internet Apps Plus
Processor V6 Six Core V6 Six-Core
3D Feature NO NO
Remote Control Qwerty Remote Qwerty Remote
Built-in Wi-fi 802.11ac Dual Band 802.11ac Dual Band
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
HDMI/ USB Inputs 5/1 5/1
Price Basically the Same

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Basically the Same

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Differences of M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E

Vizio P502ui-B1E

Vizio P502ui-B1E

Although most of the aspects remain the same, there are few differences between Vizio M50-C1 and Vizio P502ui-B1E. Here’s their differences:

1. Number of Active LED Zones

As We all know, both of Vizio M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E use Full-Array LED that completed with Active LED Zones. But the new model comes with only 32 Active LED Zones, while P502ui-B1E as the older model comes with 64 Active LED Zones. Is there any significant effect between using 64 Active LED Zones and 32 Active LED Zones? Actually there’s no big difference. Vizio M55-C1 with 32 Active LED Zones is still able to deliver vibrant contrast on the TV screen almost the same with 64 Active LED Zones of Vizio P552ui-B1E. Maybe you can just notice the vibrancy difference when you watch contents that require intensive deep black levels.

2. Refresh Rate Technology

Both of Vizio M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E come with the same 120Hz refresh rate. Vizio define its smoothnesss level of the fast action images with Clear Action term. When We measure the refresh rate using Clear Action term, you can find that Vizio M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E get different Clear Action although They are the same in conventional refresh rate. Vizio M50-C1 is getting Clear Action 360, while Vizio P502ui-B1E use Clear Action 480. While the difference is not significant, but with you may notice that for some fast action scenes, Vizio M50-C1 is able to deliver smoother fast action images than Vizio P502ui-B1E.

3. TV Design

The new Vizio M50-C1 come with the new design. It comes with two legs V-stand design, while the older comes with conventional square stand design. The new model also comes with the new bezel design that completed with new color as well. Overall the new Vizio M50-C1 come with more elegant and stylish design than the older Vizio P502ui-B1E.

After seeing those differences, We can see this table as the summary of their differences:

Vizio M50-C1 Vizio P502ui-B1E
Introduced February 2015 August 2014
Active LED Zones 32 64
Refresh Rate Clear Action 360 Clear Action 480
TV Design New Design Conventional Design

Which One to Choose?

After talking about Vizio M50-C1 and P502ui-B1E We can notice that Vizio M50-C1 comes with better TV design while the older Vizio P502ui-B1E is still a little better in picture quality with more Active LED Zones and higher Clear Action. As the price of those two TVs are basically the same, then Vizio M50-C1 is the one that you should choose if you are looking for better TV design. It’s indeed come with lower Clear Action and less Active LED Zones but It’s not significant. It’s also proved by the customers that mostly said that Vizio M50-C1 is able to deliver great picture quality as well as become the best choice for its affordable price. If you need to hear more about customers reviews, you can find their comments on Vizio M50-C1 and other 2015 M-Series here…

In the other hand, if you are looking for purely better picture quality without looking at its conventional model then you should consider the older Vizio P502ui-B1E. You have more reason to choose that if you can find it at the lower price since It’s the older model and some retailers offer that at the lower price. Vizio P502ui-B1E is one of the popular choice for basic 50-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV in 2014 lineup. It’s rated with excellent cumulative feedback. The customer said that this TV is able to bring outstanding picture quality both from original 4K contents or upscaled HD contents. Do you want to know more about the customers feedback? You can go to this page and read the customers’ reviews from there…

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