Sony XBR65X930D vs XBR65X950B Review : Sony’s Top 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV Comparison

You can find Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B if you are looking for Sony’s top 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD in 2016 and 2014 lineup. As the top model for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV, you can find that there are similarities between those two TVs. But for sure, you can find also find differences as they come from different lineup years. I’m quite sure that you are interested to talk about their comparison if you consider those two TVs as your next 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV. You can find the comparison between Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B on this article before looking at which of them is more suitable choice for you.

Sony XBR65X930D : Sony’s 2016 Top 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV

Sony XBR65X930D

Sony XBR65X930D

When you are looking for the best 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from Sony’s 2016 TV lineup, then Sony XBR65X930D is for sure the model that should be mentioned. Sony XBR65X930D comes with Triluminos Display that bring true-to-life color details on the TV screen. It also comes with the new Slim Backlight Drive that bring more vibrant contrast, combined with X-Tended Dynamic Range pro You can enjoy darker blacks and brighter whites on the TV screen. Sony XBR65X930D is completed with the new 4K HDR technology. 4K HDR technology is able to bring improved details, color and contrast with High Dynamic Range (HDR) contents. X1 Processor is installed on Sony XBR65X930D to bring the best color, clarity and contrast possible. As the Smart TV platform, Sony XBR65X930D use Sony Android TV. Sony Android is able to bring premium entertainment to your home screen, while you can also run wide range or Smart functions with access to wide collection of apps in PlayStore. Controlling the TV is also easier with the voice remote control that help you control the TV and its Smart TV platform with your voice.

From the customers’ perspective, you can find that most of the customers are satisfied with their Sony XBR65X930D purchase. They said that the TV is able to deliver excellent picture with great blacks and amazing colors. The upscaling also works great. Setup is also easy the other customers said, while the TV is able to deliver premium entertainment that completed with additional remote that easy to use. If you are looking for more customers’ feedback, you can find more about Sony XBR65X930D customers’ reviews here…

Sony XBR65X950B : Sony’s 2014 Top 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV

Sony XBR65X950B

Sony XBR65X950B

We can find Sony XBR65X950B when We talk about the top model for 65-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV from Sony’s 2014 TV lineup. As the top model, Sony XBR65X950B comes with Triluminos display as its display technology. With Triluminos display, you can enjoy true-to-life color details in 4K UHD resolution. Sony XBR65X950B use 4K X-Reality Pro as its picture engine that deliver brilliant picture quality from both original 4K content sources or HD contents that upscaled into near 4K picture quality. Sony XBR65X950B is also completed with X-Tended Dynamic Range so that you can enjoy better contrast between brighter whites and darker blacks. As Smart TV platform, Sony XBR65X950B use the older Sony Smart TV platform. Although It’s quite basic but It’s already integrated with PlayStation Now that make it to enjoy your favorite PS gaming on the TV screen. The TV is also easily controlled with touchpad remote that comes with this TV set.

Most of the customers talked good things about their Sony XBR65X950B. Commonly, They said that the TV is able to deliver great picture quality. They said that the TV can bring amazing colors with deep black levels. The upscaling is also good based on the customers’ experience. The other customers also said that the TV can deliver good upscaling result while the 3D quality is also good. Are you looking for more feedback from customers? It’s for you to look at comments for Sony XBR65X950B from the customers here…

Table of Similarities & Differences

If We want to talk about comparison of Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B more details, We should know their key specs. We can find the key specs of Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B in similarities & differences table below.

Sony XBR65X930D
Sony XBR65X950B
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Backlight LED LED
Triluminos Display YES YES
4K X-Reality Pro YES YES
X-Tended Dynamic Range YES YES
Refresh Rate Motionflow XR 960 Motionflow XR 960
3D Feature Active 3D Active 3D
Built-in Wifi YES YES
HDMI/USB 4/3 4/3
Introduced January 2016 March 2014
X1 Processor YES NO
Slim Backlight Drive YES NO
Smart TV Platform Sony Android TV Sony Entertainment Network
Remote Control Voice Remote Control Touchpad Remote Control
Speaker System 2.2Ch 30W 2.1Ch 30W
Price +/- $200 Lower

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+/- $200 Higher

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Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B Comparison

We know the similarities and differences of Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B from the table above. But I think We need to talk more about their comparison. Do you agree? Let’s start our discussion about their comparison.

Picture Technology

Both of Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B come with 4K UHD resolution that use Triluminos display. With Triluminos Display, They can deliver lifelike color details in 4K resolution. They also come with the same 4K X-Reality Pro as its picture engine that can bring brilliant picture quality from both original 4K content sources or HD contents that upscaled into near 4K picture quality. X-Tended Dynamic Range is also installed on both of Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B that bring vibrant color contrast with brighter whites and darker blacks.

Although there are a number of similarities of Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B, you can also find improvements on the new Sony XBR65X930D. Sony XBR65X930D comes with 4K HDR, X1 Processor and Slim Backlight Drive. 4K HDR is the new technology that allow the TV to deliver High Dynamic Range contents with better details and brightness on the TV screen. While X1 Processor is the processor that intelegently bring better color, clarity and details by optimizing the various color technology. The Slim Backlight Drive is the technology that bring better brightness level on ultra slim TV design.

Refresh Rate Technology

Refresh rate technology is important to bring smooth fast motion images when you are watching your favorite action movies and sports. It’s also important when you use the TV as your gaming monitor. Both of Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B come with the same Motionflow XR 960. Motionflow XR is the measurement that used by Sony to measure its refresh rate quality. Motionflow XR 960 is currently the best refresh rate of Sony’s 4K UHD TV. Motionflow XR 960 is indeed able to deliver smooth fast motion images both for action movies or sports or gaming screen. So you can enjoy fast motion images on both Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B without any motion lag.

Smart TV Platform & Remote

Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B come as Smart TV. But They come with different Smart TV platform. Sony XBR65X930D comes with Sony Android TV, while the older Sony XBR65X950B still comes with the basic Sony Smart TV platform that usually called Sony Entertainment Network. In general, Sony Android TV is much better than Sony Entertainment Network as It can also run Smart Apps with access to PlayStore. Sony Android TV also allow you to control the TV using your voice, that you can’t do with the older Sony Smart TV platform. They also come with different version of remote control. Sony XBR65X930D remote emphasize on its ability to control the TV using your voice, so It’s called Voice Remote Control. While Sony XBR65X950B empasize on its touchpad based movement so It’s called touchpad remote control. The new remote is better as It can control the TV and its Smart TV easier with voice with the help of Android Voice recognition technology.

Speaker System

The speaker output that installed on Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B are similar with 30W power output. But their configuration are different. Sony XBR65X930D come with 2.1Ch speaker system, while Sony XBR65X950B come with 2.2Ch speaker system. While there’s no big difference on the sound output, but if you are audio enthusiast maybe you can find that 2.2Ch is a little better than 2.1Ch although They have similar power output.


There’s a price difference between Sony XBR65X930D and XBR65X950B. Although the price fluctuate, but commonly Sony XBR65X930D is currently priced at around $200 lower than Sony XBR65X950B. When We look at it as percentage, We can find that Sony XBR65X930D is around 6% lower than Sony XBR65X950B.

Which of Them is More Suitable Choice for You?

From our discussion above, We have talked about Sony XBR65X930D as the new model and Sony XBR65X950B that introduced earlier in 2014. We have also compared them as well. We can see that Sony XBR65X930D comes with better picture quality with 4K HDR, Slim Backlight Drive and X1 Processor. It also comes with better Sony Android TV as its Smart TV platform. In the price side, It’s lower in price that give you perfect reason to go ahead with Sony XBR65X930D. Where you should order Sony XBR65X930D? We recommend you to order Sony XBR65X930D here…

How about Sony XBR65X950B? Basically It’s a good alternative choice for you especially when you can find it in lower price than Sony XBR65X930D. Although It comes with less picture technology and older Smart TV platform, but basically It still can deliver good 4K UHD picture quality as well as bring premium entertainment to your home without any problems. Maybe you are interested to check the price for Sony XBR65X950B? You can check today’s price for Sony XBR65X950B here…


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