Samsung UN40MU6300 vs UN40KU6300 Comparison : What is Similar and What is Better?

Samsung UN40MU6300 comes as the successor of Samsung UN40KU6300. It comes as the basic model with the smallest screen size for Samsung’s 2017 TV lineup. As the successor-predecessor model, you can find there are similarities between Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300. Is there any improvement on the new Samsung UN40MU6300? This article will talk about what’s similar and what’s better in Samsung UN40MU6300 as the successor of Samsung UN40KU6300 that will help you decide whether you should go ahead with the new model or the older one.

What is Similar?

Samsung UN40MU6300

Samsung UN40MU6300

As the new and older model, We can find similarities between Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300. What are their similarities? Let’s talk about the similarities between Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300 together.

1. 4K UHD Resolution with Flat Panel Screen

Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300 come with 4K UHD Resolution. They also come with similar flat panel screen design. We can find that Samsung have introduced its curved panel screen but Flat screen panel is still the more popular one.

2. UHD Dimming with UHD Upscaling

Both of Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300 come with UHD Dimming on its screen as their dimming technology. UHD Dimming is able to deliver accurate details on the TV screen from both 4K content sources or HD contents with UHD Upscaling features. So you don’t have to worry about the lack of original 4K content sources since You can enjoy HD contents with near 4K picture quality.

3. Motion Rate 120

I’m sure that you already know that Samsung measures the quality of its LED refresh rate with Motion Rate term. Both of Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300 comes with Motion Rate 120 as their refresh rate. Motion Rate 120 is indeed not the highest refresh rate of Samsung LED TV, but It still can deliver smooth fast motion images for your favorite movies and sports in their 40-Inch screen.

4. Smart TV with Quad-Core Processor

Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300 are both introduced as Smart TV. As Smart TV They can bring premium entertainment to your home such as movies, sports, TV shows and music. They are also completed with quad-core processor that help the Smart TV platform to run flawlessly without any processing delay. You can also find 802.11ac wireless on both of Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300 that help you to enjoy streaming with its faster internet connection.

5. 2Ch 20W speaker system

We can find that 2Ch 20W speaker system are installed on both of Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300. We can say that 2Ch 20W speaker system is standard speaker system for 4K UHD TV nowadays. It indeed can deliver good sound quality with Dolby Digital Plus, but for some customers It’s maybe not enough for them. It’s easily solved since We can attach soundbar or other external speaker system on both of those two TVs.

The similarities of Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300 can be summarized using the table below.

Samsung UN40MU6300 Samsung UN40KU6300
Screen Size 40-Inch 40-Inch
Panel Design Flat Flat
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Display Type LED LED
Dimming UHD Dimming UHD Dimming
UHD Upscaling YES YES
Refresh Rate Motion Rate 120 Motion Rate 120
Processor Quad-Core Quad-Core
3D Feature NO NO
Speaker System 2Ch 20W 2Ch 20W
Built-in Wi-fi 802.11ac 802.11ac
HDMI/USB 3/2 3/2

What is Better?

Samsung UN40KU6300

Samsung UN40KU6300

Besides similarities, We can also find improvements in Samsung UN40MU6300. What’s better in Samsung UN40MU6300? Let’s discuss that together.

1. 4K Color Drive

Samsung UN40MU6300 comes with the new 4K Color Drive as its color technology. 4K Color Drive Pro comes as the improvement of PurColor that used by Samsung UN40KU6300. 4K Color Drive can bring richer color details in 4K resolution screen than what can be delivered by Samsung UN40KU6300.

2. Essential Black Pro

Samsung UN40MU6300 comes with Essential Black Pro as its black technology. This technology can deliver deeper black level on the TV screen so you can experience better vibrancy level on the TV screen.

3. 4K HDR Pro

Samsung UN40MU6300 comes with 4K HDR Pro as its HDR technology. 4K HDR Pro comes as the improvement of HDR Premium that used by Samsung UN40KU6300. With 4K HDR Pro, you can get better HDR result than what you can get with HDR Premium.

4. Smart TV Platform and Remote Control Version

Both of Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300 use Samsung Smart Hub as their Smart TV platform. They also both come with similar Smart Remote Control. But the version of Smart Hub and smart remote control that come with those two TV models are different. Samsung UN40MU6300 as part of Samsung’s 2017 TV lineup comes with 2017 version of Smart Hub and TM1750A Smart remote control, while Samsung UN40KU6300 comes with 2016 version of Smart Hub and TM1650A as their Smart Remote Control.

We can find the differences of Samsung UN40MU6300 and UN40KU6300 on the table below.

Samsung UN40MU6300 Samsung UN40KU6300
Color Technology 4K Color Drive PurColor
Black Technology Essential Black Pro NO
HDR Technology 4K HDR Pro HDR Premium
Smart TV Platform 2017 Smart Hub 2016 Smart Hub
Remote Control TM1750A TM1650A
Price Higher

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Is Samsung UN40MU6300 the New Model that You Should Choose?

Samsung UN40MU6300, as the new model, comes with improvements on its picture technology. You can find improvements on the color, black technology and HDR technology. With those picture improvements, you can enjoy richer color, more vibrant contrast and better HDR picture quality in Samsung UN40MU6300. But as the new model, you can find that Samsung UN40MU6300 is commonly offered at the higher price than Samsung UN40KU6300 as the older model. If you don’t mind to spend a little higher for better picture technology as well as newer version of Smart Hub and Smart Remote then You should go ahead with Samsung UN40MU6300.

Samsung UN40KU6300 is the older model that commonly offered at the lower price than Samsung UN40MU6300. It’s a good alternative choice for you if you are looking for basic 40-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV and you have less budget for it. It indeed comes with the older picture technology as well as older version of Smart TV Platform and Smart remote, but It essentially still can delivers excellent picture quality and bring premium entertainment to your home screen without any problems.

Where Should You Order One?

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