LG OLED65G6P vs OLED65C6P Differences : Why Should You Consider OLED65G6P?

When you are looking for 65-Inch 4K OLED TV from LG’s 2016 TV lineup, I’m sure that you consider LG OLED65G6P and OLED65C6P as your options. OLED65G6P is the top model for 65-Inch OLED 4K UHD TV that come with flat panel OLED, while OLED65C6P is currently the only 65-Inch curved OLED panel that you offered by LG in its 2016 lineup. We can easily said that their main difference is their panel design. But is there any other differences? Let’s talk about that in this article along with discussing whether We should consider the higher OLED65G6P as our choice.

LG OLED65G6P Review



LG OLED65G6P is currently the flagship for LG’s 2016 OLED TV. It comes with flat panel OLED. With OLED panel, you can enjoy perfect black with infinite contrast. The reason behind that ability is the ability of its pixels to dimming itself. It also can be totally powered off while It also can be autonomously brightened and dimmed. OLED is able to deliver cinematic color as its color palettes match today’s digital cinemas vast range of hues. OLED HDR with Dolby Vision is installed on this TV model to deliver optimized color, clarity and brightness from HDR contents. The Smart TV platform used by LG OLED65G6P is WebOS 3.0 that widely used by LG’s 2016 Smart TV lineup. WebOS 3.0 is a simpler and intuitive Smart TV platform that deliver premium contents to your home, while offer additional smart functions with the access to additional apps from LG Content/Apps Store.

Most of the customers of LG OLED65G6P rated their new TV with perfect rating five out of five. They said that this TV is able to deliver outstanding picture with amazing black level and wonderful colors. 4K upscaling is also great, while the Smart TV platform is easy to use and there’s no such difficulties to operate. The sound quality is great but additional theater sound system will make the “total experience” said the customer. Are you interested to know more about LG OLED65G6P? I’m quite sure that you would love to know more LG OLED65G6P from the customers’ experience on their reviews here…

LG OLED65C6P Review



Along with the basic OLED65B6P, LG OLED65C6P is the affordable 65-Inch OLED TV from 2016 TV lineup. LG OLED65C6P comes with curved panel design that intended to bring panoramic watching experience although not everyone love that. The OLED panel of LG OLED65C6P bring perfect black and infinite contrast as its pixels is able to be completely powered off as well as dimmed and brightened individually. As We can find more limited number of new 4K TV that completed with 3D feature, LG OLED65C6P is still completed with 3D feature. It can deliver cinematic 3D experience in combination with OLED panel and 4K resolution. The Smart TV platform of OLED65C6P is similar to most LG’s 2016 Smart TV lineup with WebOS 3.0. WebOS 3.0 is mainly used to bring premium entertainment to your home screen, while It also can run additional smart functions from the LG content/Apps Store. Magic remote is included with OLED65C6P and help you to control the TV and WebOS intuitively.

How’s the customers’ experience with their LG OLED65C6P? The customers mostly agree that this TV can deliver stunning picture quality with perfect blacks and bright other colors. The TV is also able to deliver amazing game experience. The setup is simple as reported by the customers, while the WebOS is snappy without any lag or issues when navigating. Sound is quite good but to get better sound experience you need additional soundbar or other external sound system since there’s no dedicated soundbar on this model said a customer. If you need to know more LG OLED65C6P, you can read more about LG OLED65C6P customers’ experience here…

Comparison Table

I’m sure that We need to know the specs of LG OLED65G6P and OLED65C6P before We talk more about their differences. We can find the key specs of LG OLED65G6P and OLED65C6P from the table below.

Introduced January 2016 February 2016
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Display Tech OLED OLED
Picture Engine Perfect Mastering Engine Perfect Mastering Engine
4K Upscaler YES YES
OLED HDR with Dolby Vision YES YES
Pixel Dimming YES YES
Smart Platform WebOS 3.0 WebOS 3.0
3D Feature Passive 3D Passive 3D
Magic Remote Control Premium + Card Slim Standard
Built-in Wi-fi YES YES
Speaker System 4.2Ch 60W 4.0Ch 40W
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 3/3
Price +/- $3200 Higher

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+/- $3200 Lower

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The Differences of  OLED65G6P and OLED65C6P

From the table above, we can find that there are few differences of LG OLED65G6P and OLED65C6P. Do you want to talk more details about those differences? Let’s take a look together.

1. Panel Design

As We have discussed before, the first main differences of OLED65G6P and OLED65C6P is their panel design. OLED65G6P comes with flat panel, while OLED65C6P comes with curved panel design. Curved panel was originally introduced to bring panoramic watching experience. But a lot of people still prefer flat panel screen than curved one. So It simply preference for the customers to go ahead with curved or flat one.

2. Remote Control

Both of LG OLED65G6P and OLED65C6P come with magic remote control. But They come with different kind of magic remote. OLED65G6P comes with premium magic remote and card slim, while OLED65C6P comes with standard magic remote. While there’s no big difference on the functionality, premium magic remote looks more classy than the standard one.

3. Speaker System

The speaker system of OLED65G6P and OLED65C6P is different. OLED65G6P comes with 4.2Ch 60W speaker system that placed as the TV stand but can be folded if you want to mounting your TV on your wall. While OLED65C6P comes with 4.0Ch 40W speaker system that placed on the TV body. The speaker system on both of those two TVs are designed by Harman/Kardon. With 4.2Ch 60W speaker system, you can enjoy richer and more immersive sound on OLED65G6P than 4.0Ch 40W of OLED65C6P.

4. HDMI Inputs

There’s a little different on the number of HDMI inputs of those two TVs. OLED65G6P comes with 4 HDMI inputs, while OLED65C6P comes with only 3 HDMI inputs. For most customers, 3 HDMI is enough to attach their HDMI devices at the same time. The number of USB inputs of those two TVs are similar with 3 inputs.

5. Price

LG OLED65G6P is the higher model, so it’s proper to be priced higher. But how much is their price difference? You can find that their price difference is around $3200. It means that OLED65G6P is offered at twice the price of OLED65C6P. Although the price is not fixed and changed over time but It simply can tell us that We have to prepare much more budget for OLED65G6P than OLED65C6P.

Should You Consider OLED65G6P?

LG OLED65G6P, as what We have discussed, is the better model that come with better speaker system and remote control. LG OLED65G6P is simply the classy model that comes for anyone that needs special TV for their home. It comes with more classy and innovative speaker system with more classy magic remote. So when your budget is higher and you want to be special person with the best yet classy 65-Inch TV, then you should go ahead with LG OLED65G6P. Where you should order LG OLED65G6P? We recommend you to order LG OLED65G6P here…

LG OLED65C6P is simply a choice for you if you are looking 65-Inch curved OLED TV from 2016 lineup. It’s also a good choice for you when you are looking for 65-Inch OLED TV and your budget is simply fit. LG OLED65C6P is still can deliver the similar level of OLED entertainment as OLED65G6P with only differences on the speaker system and magic remote. Where to order LG OLED65C6P? You should consider to order LG OLED65C6P here…


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