LG OLED65C7P vs OLED65B7A Review : What You Should Know about Their Similarities & Differences?

If We talk about LG’s 2017 OLED TV lineup, We should mention LG OLED65C7P and LG OLED65B7A as two 55-Inch TV models that introduced as part of LG’s 2017 OLED TV lineup. They are indeed two almost similar models which may make you confused choosing. Before you can choose one of them as your next 65-Inch OLED 4K TV, I’m sure that you should be interested to know more about their similarities and differences. In this review, We will talk about similarities and differences of two OLED 4K UHD TVs to help you decide which of them is the one to choose.

Similarities of LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A



As two 65-Inch OLED 4K TV from LG’s 2017 lineup, We can find that most of the specs and features of LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A are similar. Do you want to talk more about those similarities? Let’s talk about that together.

1. 4K UHD Resolution with 4K Upscaler

LG OLED65C7P and LG OLED65B7A come with 4K UHD Resolution that can deliver brilliant picture quality. But original 4K content is still limited nowadays. Actually, you don’t have to worry about that since LG OLED65C7P and LG OLED65B7A are also equipped with 4K Upscaler that can deliver near 4K picture quality from your HD content sources.

2. OLED Panel

Both of LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A come with similar OLED panel as its display technology. OLED panel is able to deliver perfect black with infinite contrast. It can deliver perfect black since OLED pixels is able to be completely powered off, while infinite contrast comes from the ability of OLED pixels to be dimmed or brightened autonomously (pixel level dimming). OLED panel is also able to deliver cinematic color since It comes with billions rich colors for ultra wide color spectrum.

3. True Color Accuracy and Ultra Luminance

While OLED panel can deliver cinematic color for rich color details on the TV screen, LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A also come with True Color Accuracy to deliver more accurate color details. So you can enjoy rich and accurate color details on the TV screen. Pixel dimming of OLED is able to deliver infinite contrast on the TV screen. But the brightness level of OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A is improved with Ultra Luminance that can deliver higher peak brightness on the TV screen.

4. HDR Technology

LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A come with similar HDR technology named Active HDR. With Active HDR, you can enjoy better details and more vibrant contrast from your HDR content sources. Active HDR that installed on LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A supports Active HDR, HDR10 and HLG formats so that you can enjoy enhanced details and expanded contrast from wide range HDR content sources.

5. WebOS 3.5 with Magic Remote

We can find that the Smart TV platform of LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A are similar. They both come with WebOS 3.5 as their Smart TV platform. WebOS 3.5 is able to deliver premium entertainment such as movies, sports, TV shows and music. We can also run additional apps with the access to LG contents/Apps Store. It’s also easy and convenient to control the TV and WebOS as both of those TVs are completed with Magic Remote that completed with natural voice recognition. 802.11ac wireless is also installed on both of OLED65C7P and oLED65B7A to bring faster access to your favorite content providers.

From our discussion about similarities of LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A above, We can summarize the similarities of those two 65-Inch OLED TV with the table below.

Introduced 2017 2017
Display Technology OLED OLED
Screen Size 65-Inch 65-Inch
Panel Design Flat Flat
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
4K Upscaler YES YES
Perfect Black YES YES
Cinematic Color YES YES
True Color Accuracy YES YES
Ultra Luminance YES YES
Pixel level dimming YES YES
HDR Technology Active HDR Active HDR
HDR Supported Active HDR, HDR10, HLG Active HDR, HDR10, HLG
Smart Platform WebOS 3.5 WebOS 3.5
Remote Control Magic remote Magic Remote
Built-in Wi-fi 802.11ac 802.11ac
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 4/3

Differences of LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A



Previously, We have talked about similarities of LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A. What about their differences? There are few differences between LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A. Let’s talk about those differences together.

1. Dolby Atmos Support

One of the key difference of LG OLED65C7P and LG OLED65B7A is their Dolby Atmos support. LG OLED65C7P already supports Dolby Atmos, while LG OLED65B7A doesn’t support Dolby Atmos. With Dolby Atmos, You can enjoy cinematic sound experience in LG OLED65C7P that you can’t find in LG OLED65B7A that doesn’t support Dolby Vision.

2. Speaker Type

The sound power output of LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A is similar. They both come with 40W sound output. But their speaker type is actually different. LG OLED65C7P comes with 2.2Ch speaker with 20W woofer, while LG OLED65B7A comes with 4.0Ch speaker. With 2.2Ch speaker type, LG OLED65C7P is able to deliver richer sound details than LG OLED65B7A with 4.0Ch speaker type.

3. Price

LG OLED65C7P is positioned as the higher model than LG OLED65B7A. That’s way We can commonly find LG OLED65C7P is offered at the higher price than LG OLED65B7A. How much is their price difference? We need to check today’s price of LG OLED65C7P and LG OLED65B7A before we know the actual price difference between those two TVs since TV prices are changing from time to time.

Our discussion about differences of LG OLED65C7P and OLED65B7A can be summarized with the table below.

Dolby Atmos Support YES NO
Speaker Type 2.2Ch 40W (Woofer: 20W) 4.0Ch 40W
Price Higher

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Which one Should You Choose?

There are several similarities and few differences of LG OLED65C7P and LG OLED65B7A that We can find from our discussion above. While in most specs and features LG OLED65C7P and LG OLED65B7A are similar, LG OLED65C7P is better when It comes to sound quality since It comes with Dolby Atmos and use better 2.2Ch 40W with 20W woofer. With Dolby Atmos that combined with 2.2Ch 40W speaker system, LG OLED65C7P is able to deliver more beautiful and richer sound details. But We also have to mention that LG OLED65C7P is commonly offered at higher price than LG OLED65B7A.

LG OLED65B7A comes as more affordable version of LG OLED65C7P. It indeed doesn’t come with Dolby Atmos and use only 4.0Ch 40W speaker system. But in other specs and features LG OLED65B7A is identical to LG OLED65C7P. So if your budget is more limited, then you should consider LG OLED65B7A as your choice. You can also improve the sound quality of LG OLED65B7A with your soundbar or other external sound system.

Where Should You Order One?

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