LG OLED55E6P vs OLED55C6P Review : Differences of 55-Inch E6P and C6P Model

In 2016 lineup, OLED55E6P and OLED55C6P are two of the three models that you can find for 55-Inch OLED 4K TV from LG. You can find that there are several similarities between OLED55E6P and OLED55C6P that make you confused on which of them is the one that you should choose. We will talk about the differences of OLED55E6P and OLED55C6P before looking which of them is more suitable as your choice. Knowing their differences is essential to make the choice, Isn’t It?




LG OLED55E6P is part of E6P model. OLED55E6P is the 55-Inch version of LG E6P model that also comes as the top model for 55-Inch OLED TV in 2016 TV lineup. LG OLED55E6P can deliver perfect black and infinite contrast with its OLED Panel as its panel can be switched off as well as dimmed-brighten autonomously. It also can deliver cinematic color as OLED panel bring wide color spectrum that match today’s digital cinemas hues. You can find passive 3D feature on LG OLED55E6P, while the 3D feature become more limited on 2016 lineup. With passive 3D, you can enjoy cinematic 3D experience combined with 4K resolution and OLED panel. The Smart TV platform installed on OLED55E6P is WebOS 3.0 that widely used by LG’s 2016 Smart TV lineup. WebOS 3.0 is able to deliver premium entertainment from your favorite content providers while also run additional smart functions with the access to LG content/Apps Store. The remote control that you can find on LG OLED55E6P set is Premium magic remote that help you control the TV more conveniently.

How the customers’ experience with their OLED55E6P? Most of them have great experience with their new OLED55E6P. They mostly said the TV as amazing, while few other said It’s best TV ever made. The picture quality is stunning said the customers with excellent HD upscaling and deep black. Most of the customers also love the WebOS Smart TV platform by saying that It’s well designed, intuitive and easy to use. The setup is also easy while the magic remote is also easy to use and complemented the WebOS platform. The customers mostly said that the sound quality is good, but around half of them used their soundbar or another surround sound system to make the sound more immersive. Do you want to know more about OLED55E6P? You can read more about the customers’ reviews on their LG OLED55E6P here…




LG OLED55C6P is currently the only 55-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV that use curved panel design. With curved panel design, It can deliver panoramic watching experience although It’s not preferred by a number of customers as well. With OLED Panel, you can find at least 3 benefits. Perfect black, infinite contrast and cinematic color. Perfect black and infinite contrast come from the ability of the pixels of OLED that can be powered off, dimmed and brighten individually or We can also call it as Pixel dimming. OLED is also can deliver cinematic color as it matches with vast range of color hues of today’s digital Cinemas. HDR technology become widely implemented in 4K TVs in 2016, including LG OLED55C6P. It comes with OLED HDR that support Dolby Vision. With OLED HDR, you can enjoy more vibrant contrast with enhanced details from your High Dynamic Range (HDR) contents. While Dolby Vision that used by major studios make sure that you get the details intended by the filmmakers. The Smart TV platform of OLED55C6P is WebOS 3.0. The main function of WebOS 3.0 is for sure delivering premium contents to your home, but It also can deliver additional smart functions with the access to LG content/ Apps Store. The remote control of OLED55C6P is standard magic remote that make it easier to control the TV and its WebOS platform.

From the customers’ rating, We can conclude that most of LG OLED55C6P customers are satisfied with their purchase. They said that the picture quality of OLED55C6P is awesome. Some customers additionally said that this TV model is amazing for gaming. The TV setup is simple said the customers, while the WebOS 3.0 Smart TV platform is snappy without any lag and can deliver premium contents without any problems. Sound is quite good said the customer, while soundbar or another surround sound system is recommended for better sound experience. If you are eager to know more about OLED55C6P from the customers’ perspective, you can find out more about LG OLED55C6P customers’ feedback here…

The Specs of LG OLED55E6P and OLED55C6P

I’m sure that you are interested to know more about the specs of OLED55E6P and oLED55C6P before we can talk more about their differences. The specs, especially the key specs, of OLED55E6P and OLED55C6P can be depicted with the table below.

Introduced February 2016 February 2016
Screen Size 55-Inch 55-Inch
Panel Design Flat Curved
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Display Tech OLED OLED
Pixel Dimming YES YES
Color Technology PurColor PurColor
HDR OLED HDR with Dolby Vision OLED HDR with Dolby Vision
Smart Platform WebOS 3.0 WebOS 3.0
3D Feature Passive 3D Passive 3D
Magic Remote Premium Standard
Built-in Wi-fi 802.11ac 802.11ac
Speaker System 2.2Ch 40W 4.0Ch 40W
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 3/3
Price +/- $700 More

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+/- $700 Less

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What You Should Know about OLED55E6P and OLED55C6P Differences?

Besides several similarities that you can find between OLED55E6P and OLED55C6P, you can also find few differences between OLED55E6P and OLED55C6P. Let’s talk more about those differences together.

The first difference of OLED55E6P and OLED55C6P is their panel design. OLED55E6P comes with flat panel design, while OLED55C6P comes with curved panel design. Curved panel is intended to bring better panoramic watching experience, but a lot of customers still prefer to choose the flat OLED panel than the curved one.

There’s also difference on their included remote control. LG OLED55E6P comes with premium magic remote, while LG OLED55C6P comes with standard magic remote. Although the functions are similar, but premium magic remote looks more classy than the standard one.

Their third difference come from their speaker system. LG OLED55E6P comes with 2.2Ch 40W speaker system, while LG OLED55C6P comes with 4.0Ch 40W speaker system. Their speakers are also located differently. OLED55E6P’s speaker is  located on the TV stand that make it soundbar alike, while OLED55C6P speaker is located on the TV’s main body.

The last difference is their price. LG OLED55E6P is priced at around $700 higher in price. It’s a significant price difference than OLED55C6P. If you have more limited budget, then It’s something that you should consider. Please note that prices may change from month to month.

Conclusion : E6P or C6P?

From the discussion above, We know more about OLED55E6P and OLED55C6P as two options for your next 55-Inch OLED TV. OLED55E6P as part of E6P model is the better model with its premium magic remote and richer sound quality with 2.2Ch 40W speaker system. It use flat panel design and priced at the higher price than OLED55C6P from C6P model. You can consider OLED55E6P if you don’t mind to pay more for more classy magic remote along with richer sound quality. Where you should order LG OLED55E6P? We recommend you to order LG OLED55E6P here…

LG OLED55C6P from C6P model is the one priced at the lower price. It’s the perfect choice if you have less budget for your next 55-Inch OLED TV. It still comes with magic remote and still use 40W sound output although their magic remote is only the standard one and the speaker system is only 4.0Ch one. But overall with its curved panel, OLED55C6P is able to deliver excellent picture quality along with smart entertainment. Where you can order LG OLED55C6P? You should consider to order LG OLED55C6P here…


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