LG OLED55B7A vs OLED55B6P Comparison : Comparison of LG’s 2017 and 2016 Basic 55-Inch OLED 4K TV

If you are looking for basic 55-Inch OLED TV, LG OLED55B7A and LG OLED55B6P are two options that you should consider. LG OLED55B7A comes as part of LG’s 2017 lineup, while LG OLED55B6P was introduced as part of LG’s 2016 TV lineup. That’s way We can call LG OLED55B7A as the newer model of LG OLED55B6P. Which of them is the one that you should choose? To answer that question, It’s a good idea to talk about the comparison between those two newer-older basic 55-Inch OLED TV. Let’s talk about that together on this article.

LG OLED55B7A Short Review



LG OLED55B7A is the smaller screen size option of LG B7A that introduced in the middle of 2017. LG OLED55B7A comes with OLED panel so that It can deliver perfect black, infinite contrast and cinematic color. OLED panel is able to deliver perfect black and infinite contrast as its pixel can be autonomously controlled and fully powered off with its pixel dimming. It also can deliver cinematic color since the OLED can deliver billion rich colors on its screen. LG OLED55B7A also comes with Active HDR with HDR Effect as its HDR technology. Active HDR installed on LG OLED55B7A is able to deliver enhanced contrast and details from Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG format. LG OLED55B7A comes as part of LG’s 2017 Smart TV lineup, that’s way It’s installed with WebOS 3.5 as its Smart TV platform. WebOS 3.5 is able to help you enjoy premium entertainment on your TV screen while also run additional Smart Apps. Magic Remote is also included with LG OLED55B7A to help you control the TV and WebOS more conveniently.

How’s the customers’ feedback about LG OLED55B7A? We can find that most of the customers are satisfied with their LG OLED55B7A. They said that LG OLED55B7A is able to deliver stunning picture with vibrant color. The TV setup is also quick as reported by the customers, while the interface is easy and intuitive. The sound quality delivered by this TV is good said the customers although It’s not completed with Dolby Atmos support. Few customers indeed said that it’s even better if Dolby Atmos soundbar is attached on this TV. You can read more about LG OLED55B7A customers reviews on this page…

LG OLED55B6P Short Review



LG OLED55B6P was the bestselling 55-Inch OLED TV in 2016. It’s the 55-Inch screen size option of LG B6P that positioned as the basic OLED TV model from 2016 TV lineup. With OLED panel, LG OLED55B6P is able to deliver perfect black and infinite contrast with the ability of its screen to be completely turned off and dimmed and brightened autonomously with pixel dimming feature. It also comes with cinematic color as the OLED panel is able to deliver billion rich colors. The peak brightness of OLED55B6P is also improved with Ultra Luminance that installed on LG OLED55B6P. We can find OLED HDR as the HDR technology of LG OLED55B6P. OLED HDR supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision so that you can enjoy better contrast and details from those two HDR formats. The Smart TV platform of LG OLED55B6P is WebOS 3.0. It can deliver premium entertainment such as movies, sports, TV shows and music while you can also run additional apps with the access to LG contents/Apps Store. We can also find magic remote in LG OLED55B6P that help you to control the TV and WebOS platform more conveniently. 802.11ac wireless is also attached with LG OLED55B6P to help you access your favorite content providers faster.

As the popular choice for 55-Inch OLED TV from 2016 lineup, We can find that most customers are pleased with their LG OLED55B6P. They reported that the TV setup is simple, while the WebOS interface is intuitive. Most customers also mentioned that this TV can deliver great picture quality, while a lot of customers also said that It can deliver vivid colors and absolute blacks. The sound quality delivered by this TV is good for most customers, although a number of customers recommend to attach soundbar to get more powerful sound quality. Do you want to know more about this TV from the customers’ perspective? You can find out what the customers said about their LG OLED55B6P here…

Table of Similarities & Differences

Before We can talk about comparison of LG OLED55B7A and OLED55B6P, we need to know their key specs and features first. We can find the key specs and features of those two TVs on the table below. Let’s take a look at it together.

Screen Size 55-Inch 55-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Display Technology OLED OLED
Panel Design Flat Flat
4K Upscaler YES YES
Perfect Black YES YES
Infinite Contrast YES YES
Cinematic Color YES YES
Pixel Dimming YES YES
Ultra Luminance YES YES
Smart TV Platform WebOS WebOS
Remote Control Magic Remote Magic Remote
Speaker System 4.0Ch 40W 4.0Ch 40W
HDMI/USB 4/3 4/3
Introduced 2017 2016
HDR Technology Active HDR OLED HDR
HDR Support Dolby Vision+HDR10+HLG Dolby Vision+HDR10
WebOS version WebOS 3.5 WebOS 3.0
Price Higher

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Check Today’s Offers


How do They Compare?

We can find that there are several similarities and few differences of LG OLED55B7A and OLED55B6P from the table above. Based on those similarities and differences, We can talk more about comparison between the two. Let’s talk about that together.

Picture Technology

Both of LG OLED55B7A and OLED55B6P come with OLED Panel that can deliver perfect black, infinite contrast and cinematic color. Perfect black can be achieved with the ability of the OLED pixels to be powered off completely, while It can also be dimmed autonomously (pixel dimming) for infinite contrast. We can also enjoy cinematic color since the OLED panel comes with billion rich colors. We can also find Ultra Luminance installed on both of LG OLED55B7A and OLED55B6P that help you to enjoy higher peak brightness as well as greater details on the bright part of the screen.

Both of LG OLED55B7A and OLED55B6P come with HDR technology, but the HDR technology installed on those two TVs are different. LG OLED55B7A comes with Active HDR, while LG OLED55B6P comes with OLED HDR. Active HDR is the newer HDR technology that can deliver better HDR, while It additionally also supports HLG HDR format.

Smart TV Platform & Remote Control

The Smart TV platform that installed on LG OLED55B7A and LG OLED55B6P is WebOS Smart TV platform. But they actually come with different version of WebOS. LG OLED55B7A comes with WebOS 3.5, while LG OLED55B6P comes with WebOS 3.0. Although They are basically similar, WebOS 3.5 comes with few improvements from WebOS 3.0 so that it’s more stable and smarter. Both of LG OLED55B7A and OLED55B6P also comes with magic remote as their remote control so that it can control your TV and WebOS more conveniently as It comes with natural voice recognition.

Speaker System

LG OLED55B7A and OLED55B6P come with similar speaker system. They come with 4.0Ch 40W speaker system. With 4.0Ch 40W speaker system, those two TVs are able to deliver decent sound quality for most customers although it’s still not enough for some customers. For those audiophile customers, They can easily attach their soundbar to those two TVs.


LG OLED55B7A that comes as the newer model is usually offered at the higher price than LG OLED55B6P. How about their price difference? TV prices are not fixed, so as their price differences. So it’s a good idea to check today’s price of LG OLED55B7A and OLED55B6P to know their actual price difference.

Which 55-Inch OLED TV should You Choose?

LG OLED55B7A is the model that positioned as the newer model of LG OLED55B6P. It comes with similar OLED panel that can deliver perfect black, infinite contrast and cinematic color. The differences between those two TV models come from their HDR technology and WebOS version. LG OLED55B7A comes with the new Active HDR technology and use the newer WebOS 3.5 as their Smart TV platform. Active HDR is able to deliver better HDR result than previous OLED HDR, while it also additionally supports HLG. It also can deliver better Smarter and user-friendly Smart TV platform with the newer version of WebOS. If you think that you are interested to the new Active HDR and the newer WebOS 3.5, while you don’t mind to spend higher for that, then you should choose LG OLED55B7A as your choice. Where should you order LG OLED55B7A? You can order LG OLED55B7A here…

LG OLED55B6P is the older model that’s almost similar to LG OLED55B7A. It only comes with older HDR technology and the older version of WebOS. In term of picture quality, LG OLED55B6P is still can deliver excellent 4K picture quality, while WebOS 3.0 is also able to deliver premium entertainment to your home without any problems. So you should consider LG OLED55B6P if you have more limited budget for your next 55-Inch OLED 4K TV. Where’s recommended place to order one? You should check today’s price of LG OLED55B6P here…


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