LG 75SJ8570 vs 75UH8500 Differences : Why the New LG 75SJ8570 is the Model that You Should Choose?

LG 75SJ8570 that comes as the successor of LG 75UH8500, is the model that you should consider if you are looking for large screen 4K LED TV from 2017 TV lineup. What’s improved in LG 75SJ8570 from the older LG 75UH8500? I’m sure that you are looking for the answer for that question before You can be sure to choose the new LG 75SJ8570 as your large screen 4K UHD TV. In this article We will talk about LG 75SJ8570 and its predecessor LG 75UH8500 as well as discuss more about their differences. By knowing the differences between those two 75-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV, you can understand why the new LG 75SJ8570 is the new model that you should choose.

LG 75SJ8570 Review

LG 75SJ8570

LG 75SJ8570

LG 75SJ8570 is introduced as the only screen size option of LG SJ8570 model. LG SJ8570 comes as one of the model from LG’s 2017 Super UHD TV series. LG 75SJ8570 comes with Billion rich colors that combined with Wider Color Gamut and True Color Accuracy to improve the color accuracy. We can also find local dimming and ultra luminance in LG 75SJ8570 that bring more vibrant contrast on the TV screen. The HDR technology of LG 75SJ8570 is Active HDR that supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG standard. LG 75SJ8570 comes with TruMotion 240 as its refresh rate technology. TruMotion 240 is able to deliver smooth fast motion images so that you can enjoy fluid action movies and sports on the TV screen. The Smart TV platform of LG 75SJ8570 is WebOS 3.5. WebOS 3.5 comes as the improvement of WebOS 3.0. With WebOS 3.5, you can enjoy premium entertainment such as movies, sports, TV shows and music anytime you want to enjoy it. We can also find magic remote control that make controlling work easier as It’s completed with natural voice recognition.

LG 75UH8500 Review

LG 75UH8500

LG 75UH8500

LG 75UH8500 came as part of LG UH8500 model. It’s the largest screen size option for UH8500 model. LG UH8500 is introduced as part of LG’s 2016 Super UHD TV series. As part of LG’s 2016 Super UHD TV series, LG 75UH8500 is completed with quantum display as its main picture technology. Quantum display is combined with IPS technology that help the TV to deliver rich color details with wider viewing angle. LG 75UH8500 is also completed with Ultra Luminance and local dimming to produce more vibrant contrast on its screen. The HDR technology that comes with LG 75UH8500 is HDR Super. HDR Super installed in LG 75UH8500 supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 standard. LG 75UH8500 comes with TruMotion 240 as its refresh rate technology. You can be sure to enjoy smooth motion images with TruMotion 240, while you can also use the TV as your gaming monitor without any motion delay. The Smart TV platform of LG 75UH8500 is WebOS 3.0 that comes as the 2016 version of LG WebOS. You can enjoy your favorite premium contents with faster access to your favorite content provider since LG 75UH8500 is already completed with 802.11ac. Magic remote is also included in LG 75UH8500 to help you control the TV and WebOS Smart TV platform easier and faster.

From the customers’ rating, We can find that most of the customers love their LG 75UH8500. The customers said that LG 75UH8500 is able to deliver excellent picture with vivid colors. Some customers reported that this TV also works well to play their favorite games. The customers also love to use the WebOS, They said that it’s fast and easy to navigate. The customers also said that this TV’s speaker system is able to deliver decent sound, although few of them are still use soundbar to meet their sound expectation. Do you want to know more about LG 75UH8500 customers’ feedback? You can read more LG 75UH8500 customers’ reviews on this page…

Specs & Features Table of LG 75SJ8570 and 75UH8500

It’s important for us to know the specs and features of LG 75SJ8570 and 75UH8500 before We can talk more about their differences. The key specs and features of LG 75SJ8570 and 75UH8500 can be found on the table below.

LG 75SJ8570 LG 75UH8500
Released 2017 2016
Screen Size 75-Inch 75-Inch
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Display Type LED LED
4K Upscaler YES YES
HDR Technology Active HDR HDR Super
Support HDR Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG Dolby Vision, HDR10
Ultra Luminance YES YES
Local Dimming YES YES
Refresh Rate TruMotion 240 TruMotion 240
Smart Platform WebOS 3.5 WebOS 3.0
3D Feature NO Passive 3D
Remote Control Magic remote Magic Remote
Built-in Wi-fi 802.11ac 802.11ac
Speaker System 4.2Ch 60W 4.2Ch 60W
Surround Mode Ultra Surround Ultra Surround
HDMI/ USB Inputs 4/3 3/3
Price Commonly Lower

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Commonly Higher

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LG 75SJ8570 and 75UH8500 Key Differences

From the specs & features table above, We can find that there are few differences between LG 75SJ8570 and LG 75UH8500. The key differences between those two TVs come from their HDR picture technology. LG 75SJ8500 as the new model come with Active HDR as its HDR technology, while the older LG 75UH8500 comes with HDR Super. While Active HDR is able to deliver better HDR result, It also support more standard as It supports HLG standard as well. There’s also improvement in the Smart TV platform as well. LG 75SJ8570 comes with the new WebOS 3.5, that comes as the improvement of WebOS 3.0 installed in LG 75UH8500. As part of LG’s 2017 lineup, We can no longer find Passive 3D features in LG 75SJ8570, while you can still find passive 3D in LG 75UH8500. Although We can’t find any 3D feature in LG 75SJ8570, We don’t have to worry since the picture quality of LG 75SJ8570 is already 3D alike.

In the price side, We can find that LG 75SJ8570 is commonly offered the lower price than LG 75UH8500. But we may find that some retailers may offer LG 75UH8500 at similar price to the newer LG 75SJ8570 since it’s the older model that should be sold soon.

Why the New LG 75SJ8570 is the Model that You Should Choose?

From our discussion about LG 75SJ8570 and LG 75UH8500, We can find that there are few differences between LG 75SJ8570 and LG 75UH8500. Most of those differences are improvement from the older model into the new model. LG 75SJ8570 comes with the new Active HDR and WebOS 3.5 that can deliver better HDR result and better smart TV experience. It’s also offered at similar or even lower price that give you a good reason to choose it as your next 75-Inch Smart 4K LED TV. With similar or lower price but better picture, HDR and Smart TV platform, It’s no brainer that you should go ahead with LG 75SJ8570. Where should you order one? It’s recommended that you order LG 75SJ8570 here…

LG 75UH8500 in the other side is the older model that comes with HDR Super and WebOS 3.0. It’s a model that you can consider only if It’s offered at the lower price than LG 75SJ8570. When you can find LG 75UH8500 is offered at the lower price and you have indeed less budget for your 75-Inch Smart 4K UHD TV then you can choose LG 75UH8500. You can also get 3D feature as a bonus when you choose it. Where’s recommended place to order LG 75UH8500? You can check today’s price of LG 75UH8500 here…

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    This is incorrect “As part of LG’s 2017 Super UHD TV, LG 75SJ8570 comes with Nano Cell Display as its picture technology. ” The 75 inch unlike the other models does not have the Nano Display…

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